Target Muscles

Quadriceps muscles.

Proper Execution

Hold parallel squat position (thighs parallel to the floor).

Exercise Progression (in seconds)

  • Difficulty Level 1:

Day 1:2×20/ Day2:2×25/ Day3:Rest/ Day4:2×25/ Day5:2×30/ Day6:Rest/ Day7:2×30/ Day8:2×35/ Day9:Rest/ Day10:2×35/ Day11:2×40/ Day12:Rest/ Day13:2×40/ Day14:2×45/ Day15:Rest/ Day16:2×45/ Day17:2×50/ Day18:Rest/ Day19:2×50/ Day20:2×55/ Day21:Rest/ Day22:2×55/ Day23:2×60/ Day24:Rest/ Day25:2×60/ Day26:2×65/ Day27:Rest/ Day28:2×65/ Day29:2×70/ Day30:Rest

  • Difficulty Level 2:

Day 1:2×40/ Day2:2×45/ Day3:Rest/ Day4:2×45/ Day5:2×50/ Day6:Rest/ Day7:2×50/ Day8:2×55/ Day9:Rest/ Day10:2×55/ Day11:2×60/ Day12:Rest/ Day13:2×60/ Day14:2×65/ Day15:Rest/ Day16:2×65/ Day17:2×70/ Day18:Rest/ Day19:2×70/ Day20:2×75/ Day21:Rest/ Day22:2×75/ Day23:2×80/ Day24:Rest/ Day25:2×80/ Day26:2×85/ Day27:Rest/ Day28:2×85/ Day29:2×90/ Day30:Rest

  • Difficulty Level 3:

Day 1:3×60/ Day2:3×65/ Day3:Rest/ Day4:3×65/ Day5:3×70/ Day6:Rest/ Day7:3×70/ Day8:3×75/ Day9:Rest/ Day10:3×75/ Day11:3×80/ Day12:Rest/ Day13:3×80/ Day14:3×85/ Day15:Rest/ Day16:3×85/ Day17:3×90/ Day18:Rest/ Day19:3×90/ Day20:3×95/ Day21:Rest/ Day22:3×95/ Day23:3×100/ Day24:Rest/ Day25:3×105/ Day26:3×110/ Day27:Rest/ Day28:3×115/ Day29:3×120/ Day30:Rest

Exercise Regressions

Regress to Wall-sit

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