Target Muscles

Quadriceps, glutes, adductors and hamstrings.

Proper Execution

Thighs below parallel or hip crease goes below the top of the knee.

Exercise Progression

  • Difficulty Level 1:

Day 1: 30/ Day2:35/ Day3:40/ Day4:Rest/ Day5:45/ Day6:50/ Day7:55/ Day8:Rest/ Day9:60/ Day10:65/ Day11:70/ Day12:Rest/ Day13:75/ Day14:80/ Day15:85/ Day16:Rest/ Day17:90/ Day18:95/ Day19:100/ Day20:Rest/ Day21:105/ Day22:110/ Day23:115/ Day24:Rest/ Day25:120/ Day26:125/ Day27:130/ Day28: Rest/ Day29: 140/ Day30: 150

  • Difficulty Level 2:

Day 1: 50/ Day2:55/ Day3:60/ Day4:Rest/ Day5:70/ Day6:75/ Day7:80/ Day8:Rest/ Day9:100/ Day10:105/ Day11:110/ Day12:Rest/ Day13:130/ Day14:135/ Day15:140/ Day16:Rest/ Day17:150/ Day18:155/ Day19:160/ Day20:Rest/ Day21:180/ Day22:185/ Day23:190/ Day24:Rest/ Day25:220/ Day26:225/ Day27:230/ Day28: Rest/ Day29: 240/ Day30: 250

  • Difficulty Level 3:

Day 1: 70/ Day2:75/ Day3:80/ Day4:Rest/ Day5:100/ Day6:105/ Day7:110/ Day8:Rest/ Day9:130/ Day10:135/ Day11:140/ Day12:Rest/ Day13:160/ Day14:165/ Day15:170/ Day16:Rest/ Day17:180/ Day18:185/ Day19:190/ Day20:Rest/ Day21:210/ Day22:215/ Day23:220/ Day24:Rest/ Day25:250/ Day26:255/ Day27:260/ Day28: Rest/ Day29: 290/ Day30: 300

Exercise Regression

  • Place something firm under your heels (books for example) and do full depth squat
  • Squat to parallel or where you thighs becomes parallel to the ground

Squat and sit on a chair

Categories: Lower Body


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