Target Muscles

Rectus abdominis, erector spinae and transverse abdominus.

Proper Execution

Hold a push-up-like position with the body’s weight borne on the one forearm. Hold a neutral spine and do not twist your torso. Try to do the prescribed time in as little sets as you can.

Exercise Progression (in seconds per arm)

  • Difficulty Level 1:

Day 1: 10/ Day2:10/ Day3:15/ Day4:Rest/ Day5:15/ Day6:20/ Day7:25/ Day8:Rest/ Day9:25/ Day10:30/ Day11:35/ Day12:Rest/ Day13:35/ Day14:40/ Day15:45/ Day16:Rest/ Day17:45/ Day18:50/ Day19:55/ Day20:Rest/ Day21:55/ Day22:60/ Day23:65/ Day24:Rest/ Day25:65/ Day26:70/ Day27:75/ Day28: Rest/ Day29: 75/ Day30: 80

  • Difficulty Level 2:

Day 1: 20/ Day2:20/ Day3:25/ Day4:Rest/ Day5:25/ Day6:30/ Day7:35/ Day8:Rest/ Day9:35/ Day10:40/ Day11:45/ Day12:Rest/ Day13:45/ Day14:50/ Day15:55/ Day16:Rest/ Day17:55/ Day18:60/ Day19:65/ Day20:Rest/ Day21:65/ Day22:70/ Day23:75/ Day24:Rest/ Day25:75/ Day26:80/ Day27:85/ Day28: Rest/ Day29: 85/ Day30: 90

  • Difficulty Level 3:

Day 1: 30/ Day2:30/ Day3:35/ Day4:Rest/ Day5:35/ Day6:40/ Day7:45/ Day8:Rest/ Day9:45/ Day10:50/ Day11:55/ Day12:Rest/ Day13:55/ Day14:60/ Day15:65/ Day16:Rest/ Day17:65/ Day18:70/ Day19:75/ Day20:Rest/ Day21:75/ Day22:80/ Day23:85/ Day24:Rest/ Day25:85/ Day26:90/ Day27:95/ Day28: Rest/ Day29: 95/ Day30: 100

Exercise Regression

  • Put your arm on a box (elevate it)

Regress to Super Plank

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